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Camscanner app can replace the hassle of photocopying. Just snap photos of the pages, it will read the words and make it searchable. It stores the files online so you can view across different mobile devices. Paid version can convert images into editable texts too.

FREE Academic Journals

ACTS Library has a Journal room (#07-05, T4 classroom) with over 60 annual subscriptions of English and Chinese academic journals and magazines. Below are some other useful links for your research:
1. NLB eResources > eJournal > JSTOR. Journals are up-to-date research articles in that specialised field, which subsequently may be compiled into books by its author after a few years. A NLB MyLibrary ID is required to login.
2. Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies, academic articles by Asia Pacific Theological Seminary. Free online issues from since 1998.
3. The Journal of Evangelical Theological Society (JETS) academic articles by Evangelical Theological Society. Free articles since 1958.
4. Journal of Asian Mission, academic articles by Asia Graduate School of Theology, Philippines. Free articles from 1999-2005.
5. International Bulletin of Missionary Research (IBMR) by Overseas Ministries Studies Center (OMSC). Free online articles since 1950. Useful for mission-related research, for example a search of “China” gives 176 results from 1950-2016.

FREE Magazine/ history/ heritage 杂志
1. Enrichment Journal, a magazine by Assemblies of God, US. Free online issues from 1997-2014 (last issue 2015 Spring version available by clicking “current issue”). Publication have ceased.
2. Consortium of Pentecostal Archives is a collaborative effort initiated by repositories of Pentecostal archival materials to make their materials accessible online. It can search through nearly 40 out-of-print publications including Assemblies of God Heritage, Pentecostal Evangel and Pentecostal Herald.

3. NLB eResources > NewspaperSG: A digital archive of English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil newspapers published in Singapore. A search of “Assemblies of God” gives 493 free-to-browse microfilms that dates back to 29 May 1935.
4. 海外校园期刊,是一份由美国海外校园事工出版的杂志。点击左边能浏览最新一期的电子书,右边有过去几期的内容,也能下载2011-2014的内容。期刊仍继续出版。
5. 生命季刊,是一份由源自美国的“中国基督徒生命团契”出版的杂志。读者能阅读从1997至今的内容

*神思 (Catholic)
*神学论集  (Catholic)


@ 华人基督徒查经资料网站: 新、旧约的查经资料

@ 基督教线上中文资源中心: 提供优秀和较深刻的基督教文章

@ 圣经工具–信望爱信仰与圣经资源中心: 提供各种翻译版圣经及圣经原文翻译信息