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– Matriculated student,
– Non-Matriculated student,
– Audit student


Loan period is 2 weeks.
For Undergraduate programme: 4 books
For Graduate programme: 6 books
Postgraduate programme: 10 books

Note: all students/users are allowed to borrow only 3 books on the same subject/call number


Included in miscellaneous fees
– Alumni of ACTS
– AG Credential Ministers 
Ordained and Licensed

Loan quota: 2 items.
Loan period: 2 weeks.

– Friends of the Library

APTS students

Global University students

Loan quota: 8 items
Loan period: 2 weeks. 

Application is subjected to approval by the Executive Librarian.

(inclusive of books, media material) subject to a maximum of 3 items per subject/call number

S$60/ year
– Ordinary membership

   Students from other Bible schools

   Non A/G ministers

Loan quota: 6 items
Loan period: 2 weeks. 
Subject to a maximum of 3 items per subject/call number
S$60/ year, with a refundable deposit of S$200

Rules 条例

Open Shelf Section (including Audio Visual material)
These general rules applies:
– Loan quota depends on type of membership (refer preceding section)
– Loan period is 2 weeks
– Renewable once.
– Overdue rate: S$0.50 per day AFTER due date (exclude Sat, Sun & Public holidays)

Module Reserved Section
 is meant to prioritise our limited collection for students who are taking the respective modules. Certain loan restriction applies:
– Reserved for students registered for the module, excluding Audit students.
 1 book per module reserved, loan period varies from 1-7 days depending on lecturer.
– Non-renewable, until 3 days after return date
– Overdue rate: S$0.50 per hour AFTER due date (exclude Sat, Sun & Public holidays)

Printing/ Photocopy charges

– Black and white: S$0.10/ page
– Colored: S$0.20/ page
– Scanning: Free